Home-made Shrimp Paste Chili Sauce (Sambal Goreng Terasi)

It s my GO-TO chili sauce whenever I need some extra heat in my food with a taste of ‘Indonesian’. It can last up to 2 weeks if it is well-cooked and store in a well-sealed container. The first fry of the chili doesn’t have to be completely cooked, because it will be mixed in a blender. BUT, the second fry-time is the most important. Uncooked or half-cooked chili sauce won’t last very long, only about 3-4 days. So make sure to keep watching the bubbly chili sauce appearing… =)


6                      Shallots, peeled and cut into 2 parts

4                      Garlics, peeled

15-20               Small chilies, or you can use big chilies (about 6-8, depends on taste)

2                      Tomatoes, cut into 4

1 tsp                Shrimp Paste

½ tsp               Salt

1 tsp                Sugar

2 cups              Vegetable oil


  • Heat up oil in a wok/pan in medium-high.
  • Throw in shallots, garlics, chilies, and tomatoes. If it doesn’t fit into one pan, you can split it into two.
  • Fry them for about 5-10 minutes until its soften.

Take them out from the pan, mix them in a blender until half smooth. (I like it when it’s not too smooth and leave a bit of chunks)

  • Use the left over oil, throw the mixed chili sauce back in a pan in a low heat.
  • Season with shrimp paste, salt, sugar. Stir them until it’s bubbly for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and ready to serve with fried chicken, rice, or any other dishes that need some extra heat.. 🙂

Author: Dewi

Hello there! If you are stopping by this page, you are probably searching for easy Asian home-cook meal inspirations that are uncomplicated, quick, budget-friendly, and still tasty and delishhh….. That’s what I am going to share in this blog. I am not a chef, I cook because I love it and I enjoy it. To give you a little background of who I am…. My name is Dewi, a self-made home-cook who enjoys filling her kitchen in with tasty and delicious of Asian food. I was born and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia where I have never learned how to cook (except frying an egg or two, add soy sauce, and eat it with rice) and never thought I would have to cook ever in my life. Because my mom, who was (still is) the “family chef” had never encouraged the children to be involved in the kitchen. So, my passion for food and cooking came later on when I went abroad. In 2006, I moved to Beijing, China where I lived for a good 9 years. I occasionally cooked as I preferred to eat out or to order in, for a simple reason, it’s convenient and affordable (back then). My cooking journey became more apparent in 2015 when I decided to move to Germany. Eating out, especially for Asian food is expensive and not authentic. The selection of Asian restaurants is limited and because of the high price, it would mean that I would have to burn a hole in my pocket if I want to do it often. So now that I have a small family (my husband, my son, and I), I cook not only for myself but also for them. I like to try new things like occasional baking or non-Asian food. For that being said, I want to share my cooking journey with you and hope that you can find new food inspirations that you can do yourself at home, either for yourself or your family, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Happy cooking! =) Xoxo Dewi

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